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Kelsey has a passion for supporting local talent, Arts & Culture, and education. As a business assistant, she is a Jill-of-all-trades with experience in many different industries, working multiple-projects at a time. Not quite fitting into the 9-5, full-time grind, Kelsey adapted her schedule to suit her dream lifestyle… fitness, creativity, and variance.

She has been lucky to work on many events including sponsorship with the Edmonton Special Olympics, merchandise sales for Big Sugar and Lex Justice, organization of weddings, DJ for Christmas parties, fashion shows, and special events, as well as an assistant at many trade shows, networking events, and markets. She has designed 10+ websites, created logos, and developed promotions which allowed for an outlet to apply her creativity. Administration, cold-calling, and telephone surveys forced Kelsey to perfect her customer service skills, learn the power of NO, and refine her professional voice. Childcare, dog sitting, and bartending allowed Kelsey to practice care of attention and further progress her people skills through the Art of Patience. Networking, business to business marketing, and proposal development came hand-in-hand with her first incorporated venture, Kelsey Communications, working along-side many business professionals. She has enjoyed over a decade of summers out in the sun working irrigation and then pushed herself through a couple seasons of snow removal just to find a deeper appreciation for the cold. From parking tandem decks in a trucking yard to learning logistics of the trucking industry, operating machinery, and re-wiring trailers… she loves to cross skills, have hands-on work, and challenge herself.


Going through a fitness journey, losing over 150 pounds, she has become a certified personal trainer, meditation instructor, holistic health coach, and overall healthy lifestyle advocate with her private practice, under the name of Believe Again Fitness. When she is not in the office or a studio… you will find her jogging, hiking, biking, lifting things, and aspiring to be a Ninja Warrior.


According to Kelsey, life isn’t fully complete without the Arts. She is a co-facilitator of a Creative Writing Workshop, President of the Alberta Authors Cooperative, a published author in 2 short story anthologies, and is working on completing her first full-length novel… attention span allowing. Kelsey is also a long-time karaoke host, conference emcee, ceremony singer, aspiring songwriter, music supporter, and involved with as many artistically expressive projects as possible. She is an introvert, ‘learned-to-be’ extrovert, with a Day One Always policy in life – use the same effort today as you did when you first started, and success will certainly follow. She strives to learn all she can, put those skills to good use by sharing them with others, and have fun while doing it all. Welcome...

Contact: 1-800-311-7091 ext 700

Sherwood Park, Alberta

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Current Projects:


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