In a nutshell, I'm deep. 

I shed my life of addictions, weight, and influence. I wave my way through grief, deal with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem yet choose to live, learn, and be better everyday.

I invite you on a journey. To follow along, share support, stories, and connect. 

Pay mind to kindness, compassion, understanding, and above all love. 

This is my life in a website. WELCOME.

No negativity zone. That does not include ignoring or avoiding feelings. There is much emotion between these pages.  To feel better we must choose to feel better and make our way through it all, one step at a time. 

**All the information contained in this site is based off my own education, experience, beliefs, and personal opinion. For natural Mental Health help visit: New Perspectives Counselling 

© 2020 by Kelsey Hoople

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