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Quick food and healthy snacks on the go!

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Healthy Snacks on the go!

😁 Excited about food today!! Between irrigation season ending, still working part time at the doctor's office (covering full-time this past week), just picking up part time at the pizza place (until I can get clients), and starting to build my fitness schedule again (I'm still booking assessments... Click HERE!!). I don't have a whole bunch of 'extra' time. 💸 Gotta hustle! (☝️🧠 Do what I got to do, get busy, and accept what's available to push forward).

So it helps to have healthy, ready made, snacks on hand. And stuff the body can use as fuel... protein, healthy fats, carbs, quick burn sugars/energy, and foods that help absorb water (cucumbers, celery, watermelon). Other things I usually have on hand... not seen here... oranges, apples, bananas, unsalted/unroasted nuts, turkey bites, carrots, tomatoes, and oat bars. I have my lunch kit and water bottle with me All. The. Time.

I've had a horrible habit of grabbing Tim Hortons breakfast or not being prepared and getting a burger/fries or starving myself then over-indulging on heavy food when I get home. 🙄 Which doesn't exactly help the body settle down to rest. Here stomach have all this to process through digestion, when you thought it was starvation mode, just so we can lay down and not help you burn it. Ha. Guess where excess gets stored? butt! 😅

I love having good food, quick snacks, and on-the-go meals... cause when hunger calls it affects my reactions, mood, productivity, and even my mental health. Best to have the exact fuel I need!! 🤫... or want... 🤤 Naan bread, tzatziki, and spinach with quinoa salad on top! Lucky.

Also pictured below: - Chicken/Spinach/Feta pre-cooked sausages (watch sodium levels - I have low blood pressure so need more salt intake). - Apple Chips (Just Apples) - Morning Glory Muffin (…it's got Coconut, Raisins, Carrot, Cranberries, Pecans. I try to limit my gluten intake but sometimes... 🤤 …worth it! 😬 - if you're not allergic.) - Fruit and Nut Bar (pay mind to ingredients... they're all not the same.) - Cucumber (say what you will but it's great for a lower calorie, fresh snack) - Balanced Breaks (a quick helping of cheese, nuts, and berries)

I'm still not 'perfect' with my eating either but I'm continuing to learn (through education/experience) and the body definitely thanks effort, along with consistency.

🌹 Take care all and much love.

~ Kelsey

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