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What is Functional Personal Training? - Believe Again Fitness

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

There will always be something to do - chores, errands, work. Life gets overwhelming at times. Not only is it OKAY to put yourself first. It is necessary so you can continue to put your best foot forward in health, family, work, and life.

Did you know? - Just two days per week of physical activity (30-60 minutes per session) can make a positive impact on your health, 3 days can improve on that, and 4-5 days per week will bring the greatest benefits.

  • More Energy

  • Better Sleep

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Higher Self Confidence

To name a few.​

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Nidra Meditation Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Women Specialized (Prenatal/Postpartum) Trainer, and Weight Loss Coach. I work hard to prove fitness doesn't have to mean super model abs or Olympic weightlifting (though both are still achievable goals). Personal Training and Functional Fitness is about learning your body inside and out, choosing to make positive choices to improve your daily quality of life, and finding what makes you happy while staying active. I teach you to listen to your body, prioritize exercise, find energy in nutrition, have good sleep habits and, ultimately, make healthy choices over a journey of time - one small -consistent- step in front of another.

Personal Training is more than just an aesthetic luxury or meant for athletes - it can be affordable, educational, and manageable for the modern busy lifestyle. I develop a personalized plan for everyone and will work within a budget or packed schedule to help you reach your goals (in facility, online, at home, check-ins, accountability).

Mission: Help people live a healthier, happier, more active life.

Vision: to make Personal Training, functional fitness, and a healthy lifestyle a mainstream choice for stress relief, mental clarity, and perceived limitations (posture, balance, stability, ability, chronic aches, sore muscles, weakness...).

We never know what life will throw next, by prioritizing fitness we can transform our mind, body and soul to become healthier... overall. This means our reactions soften, interactions get better, relationships improve, and daily life feels more manageable with self-effort. Together we set goals, monitor your progress, and really turn personal development into a lifestyle you can LOVE.

Believe Again Fitness is about believing again in YOU.

Today is Day One.

Book your Initial Assessment <HERE>.

Get your own Personalized Program <HERE>.

For more health tips, accountability, or connection try our Healthy Conversations Group on Monday Nights. <RSVP HERE>

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