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Ways to Combat Procrastination and 'Just Do It' - Fitness Focus - 20 Minute Yoga Nidra Meditation

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Welcome. Day 21 of our February Fitness Challenge.

Thank you for following along.

Please comment, share, post... I'd like to hear from you.

Today's task is all about belief in yourself.

- Tell yourself ' you can do it', whatever 'IT' is, then do it today.

I find we tend to put things off until the 'right' moment. I'll do it just after this, or I have this going on so I can't, maybe once I finish 'that' I will see about starting...

...just one more day. more hour. more time.

When does it change?

The phrase I use when I have to do something difficult but I know it's going to be challenging... "Like A Band-Aid, Kelsey". It means do it now, do it quickly, and stop overthinking it. Most of the time the anticipation (or anxiety) is what gets to us, rather than what we've been putting off or have to do.

For example, are you afraid of recording Live Videos?

  • Set yourself up.

  • Go over what you're going to do or say one more time.

  • Then, 'like a band-aid', press the Live button.

Need to have a difficult talk with someone?

  • Refresh yourself on positive techniques for tough conversations.

  • Rehearse what you want to say in the mirror.

  • Practice self-soothing strategies.

  • Then, 'like a band-aid, make the call... ask the question... say what you need to say.

Nervous to go on stage or talk in front of people?

  • Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen?

  • Accept that you may mess up, fumble your words, fall on your face, toot. 🤷‍♀️

  • Figure out how you will recover from those scenarios; a joke, shrug it off, reset.

  • Prepare yourself... speech, act, performance.

  • Get a mentor or ask someone who has done it to give you some tips.

  • The day of... drink water, breathe, and, 'like a band-aid', start.

I've used this technique a number of times and it helps to get me through.

It also gives me a moment to create action.

The second method I use in combination with this, is a countdown.

I go... "Like a band-aid, Kelsey. 5-4-3-2-1." ...then I do it.

And yes, I do speak out loud to myself or write my intentions down. It helps to bring our thoughts to life. I talk more about the benefits of turning thoughts into action by writing or saying them (and why it works), in a past blog. Read: Reason to Make (and Complete) Your To-Do List.

A countdown gives our brains a sense of urgency... if we count up, there are an infinity of numbers to help keep us from taking action. Pick a certain number (maybe your favorite single digit), start the countdown, and as soon as you say 1, just do 'it'.

If Procrastination is your struggle, like it can be for me. Here are a couple additional reading articles I found helpful, first to understand why we put things off and then figure out some strategies on how to combat it.

  1. Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination from Psychological Science.

  2. Why procrastination is about managing emotions not time from WorkLife. I like this article because it gives a different perspective of procrastination. There are many things we do that are based on our emotions. It's interesting.

  3. Why we wait: the neuroscience of procrastination from Ness Labs. This goes more into the brain science behind putting off tasks and gives a few helpful tips plus additional reading sources too. 🤓

  4. 5 Ways to Finally Stop Procrastinating from Psychology Today. I'll read this one later. 😂 kidding. This gives some really good ideas on how to be more productive while accepting delay as a personal trait. I like the distinction between Active and Passive Procrastination as well. Sort of meets someone where their at and says... how can we work with that to be more productive?

Well... whatever it is you'd like to set out to do.

Tell yourself 'you can do this' and take your first step.

**If a decision may affect someone else negatively... I suggest learning how to soften your own reactions, know exactly what you need to say and why, and always take the high road. Intentionally hurting others only hurts us. We may need to do what we have to for us... but there are ways to keep our own dignity in the process. Reach out to a couples counsellor, relationship expert, or mental health professional for any major changes. They can help.

Fitness Focus: 20 Minute Yoga Nidra (Mixed) Meditation.

Take time for yourself by grabbing pillows, a blanket, and finding a comfortable, quiet, place to practice this 20 minute Yoga Nidra (Mixed) Meditation. This week I pull from the archives to concentrate more on our intention... using aspects of visualization, a step from a 6 Phase Meditation Technique by Vishen Lakhiani, and Yoga Nidra (stages 4,7, and 8); body sensing, thoughts, and joy.

Today's practice is ideal for those wanting calm, self-awareness, and positive intention. Benefits can include: stress relief, self-connection, confidence, relaxation, calming of the nerves, day-to-day energy, increases focus, and an overall sense of wellbeing. There is no 'right way' to meditate... like all things... practice makes progress.

If you can't see the player below, click <HERE> to listen from the podcast.

Well Day 21... Heading into the final week.

How have you found the tasks so far?

Any questions, message me anytime.

Once you've completed the day... comment below with your findings and progress, I'd love to support you while we challenge ourselves one day at a time. #DayOneAlways mentality with #believeagainfitness effort will create the #healthylifestyle consistency we need. Social media hashtag #februaryfitnesschallenge2021 and be sure to have FUN.

We've got this together.

🌹 Take care all and much love.


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