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Healthy Conversations | Believe Again Fitness | New program announcement... added accountability.

I'm starting a Healthy Conversations online group to be held Monday evenings at 8:00pm(mst).

I find the key to habit building, healthy choices, and perhaps -permanent- positive change is our consistent attention. This group is a way to learn something new, share with like-minded people, find connection, gain weekly accountability, and perhaps shift life in the healthy direction you see.

I (Kelsey Hoople) am the facilitator (personal trainer, prenatal/postpartum woman specialized trainer, lean body coach, meditation instructor, nutrition specialist)... everyone in attendance is key to this groups success. I invite personal experience, health knowledge, and fitness/wellness questions. Each week we will discuss different methods of health, workouts, nutrition, set goals, etc.

What to Bring: Pen, Paper, Questions (if you have them), a positive attitude, and, most importantly, your Smile.

RSVP below to receive your link for tonight's session.

See you there!!

~ Kelsey


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