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How to find and ask for help - Fitness Challenge - do a 5 minute dance

Welcome to Day 15 in our February Fitness Challenge.

Today's task is about research. Looking at all available resources to find support for 1 thing you need help with... This could be as simple as finally finding that contractor you need to finish the downstairs bathroom, making an appointment to get your car looked at or signing up for the personal development course you've been thinking about the past while. It could also be discovering a supportive Facebook group or online meeting to help overcome something you've been struggling with.

This task asks you to spend a moment to consider a problem you've been putting off to the side and decide to take action towards it.

  • Have you been thinking about getting healthier? -Click <HERE> for a self-discovery consult with me; where we discuss who you are, your future vision (goals), and the next steps to get to where you want to go.

  • Do you want to quit a habit and need help to do so? -There are many habit change coaches, addictions support groups, and information available. This is a great Edmonton Wellness Recovery Resource, click <HERE> for more information.

  • Thinking about further education? -Google courses you are interested in and make sure to read reviews and credentials of the programs you are interested in. Maybe apply for more information from some schools in your area. The Government of Canada has a great resource to help plan your career or find out a little more of the direction you'd like to go with a few quizzes <HERE>; interest, abilities, work activities, learning style, work values. 🤓 Heck I may just do it for fun!!

  • Want to learn a new skill? -Think of some of the things you enjoy doing or would like to know more about. I also like to check-in with myself... if there a trait I find admirable in someone else, sometimes that's my clue to find out a little more within that subject. <Here> is a skills assessment tool I found from the National Careers Service in the UK. It may be interesting to take the quiz and see what careers and personal skills you have. Maybe find something to refine a skill you already have or one you may enjoy learning about. If you're interested in writing, click <HERE> for a supportive group (The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County - any age and any stage of writing).

  • Need a like-minded peer group? Here is a link to which aims to connect like-minded peers to each other through peer-directed business, recreation, and general activities. Have a look, there may be something of interest for you.

  • Looking for Mental Health help? I can provide links within the Edmonton Area but the first step is recognizing when we need help and taking the steps to find it. I know it's hard... I've searched for assistance through sobbing and tears in my eyes. It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to not be okay, but it is okay to learn to feel better too. <HERE> are the programs through Alberta Health Services (Edmonton Zone), <HERE> are important links from The Canadian Mental Health Association (Edmonton Zone), and if you'd like a list of links I've personally used, you can find them within <THIS> blog.

Research and find support for 1 thing you need help with.

Let me know how you did or what you found.

I'd love to support you as well.

Fitness Focus: 5 Minutes of Dance (or Flail to the music 😉)

Not everyone is a professional dancer, we don't need to be good at something to enjoy it or to experience the health benefits from an activity. Dancing is so incredibly good for our body, mind, and soul. The State of Victoria Government has a great article, benefits of dancing, outlining the positive health effects of dancing and even gives a few ideas for different styles. TIME magazine even published an article called Dance Like Your Doctor is Watching: It's Great for Your Mind and Body. They outline a couple of interesting health studies related to dancing. And CNN Health published an article, 5 Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You, where they provide a shining example of catharsis and self-approval through the Art of Dancing.

There is also increasing evidence that dancing can help symptoms of cognitive decline, here is an article from Stanford Dance called Use it or Lose it: Dancing Makes You Smarter, Longer. It outline multiple studies conducted within this area. 🙂 Read it, if you'd like.

For Alzheimer's:

For Parkinson's:

Soooo... all in all Dancing helps our muscle memory, our minds, and can provide overall catharsis. Put on some music, groove however the body feels like moving, and have some fun with this excellent Cardio exercise. If you do feel short of breath or sore, listen to your body above all. You can do this sitting in a chair if needed, take breaks throughout... just be sure to have some fun.

Video Instructions:

Well Day 15... I hope you found value.

Thank you so, so much for following along.

Any questions, message me anytime.

Once you've completed the day... comment below with your findings and progress, I'd love to support you while we challenge ourselves one day at a time. #DayOneAlways mentality with #believeagainfitness effort will create the #healthylifestyle consistency we need. Social media hashtag #februaryfitnesschallenge2021 and be sure to have FUN.

We've got this together.

🌹 Take care all and much love.


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