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Day 6 - Try something new and BAF Movement Sequence - February Fitness Challenge

Hello and good day to you.

We are motoring along in our February Fitness Challenge, congrats on being here. If you're just joining in... you can always start now, continue from here, and back date your challenges when you have a chance. I designed this to get us focused on healthy living and begin (or continue) to create the life we see for ourselves. Each challenge is uniquely beneficial.

I believe in a 'Today is Day One Always' mentality. Choose a time to start (the best time is now), hold yourself accountable with the same determination that made you decide to begin with, and practice patience, consistency, and tenacity to succeed. It doesn't have to be much, just a collection of small steps everyday that lead to a life-changing journey. It all starts somewhere.

Written Instructions:

Today I've asked you to try something new (art, fitness, food, online event, music, etc.). I feel it's important to experience a wide variety of interests. How else would we know what we like, what we're good at, or what we want to improve at?

Not everything is for everyone but sometimes you just don't know until you try. We aren't going to be good at everything either. Activities, creativity, and new experiences are meant to feel outside of our comfort zone. It's new. This challenge is about investing ourselves in the effort; be supportive of yourself, push through the new, and show this task all you've got! Perhaps you'll find your next passion or, at the very least, have a few hours of fun?

This article from Harvard Health helps to explain neurogenesis (creation of new cells in the brain) when we challenge ourselves and attempt to learn new processes, ways of doing things, and even different movements. Rev up your thinking skills by trying something new. We are capable of so many amazing things... just have to push through the need to be good at all of them to start with. Find enjoyment in new experiences, pick something to improve at, then show up for yourself and do it.

"I think it is all about new experiences, which require the brain to do some work because it's encountering something it hasn't experienced be-fore. Turning off automatic pilot for a moment and being mindful and aware of what we are experiencing can get us out of well-trodden grooves and create an opportunity for a new experience," says Dr. Kathryn Papp, neuropsychologist and instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School.

Fitness Focus: BAF (Believe Again Fitness) Movement Sequence

Watch the video for full instructions and to follow along with me.

Head to Toe Warm-up or Movement Break.

  • 5 Neck U's (Each Way)

  • 5 Neck Ticks (Each Way)

  • 5 Neck Clocks (Each Way)

  • 10 Forward Shoulder Rolls

  • 10 Backward Shoulder Rolls

  • 10 Arm Cross-Overs

  • 10 Forward Arm Swings

  • 10 Backward Arm Swings

  • 5 Wrist Rolls (Both Directions)

  • (Optional) 10 T-Spine Rotations (Each Way)

  • (Optional) 10 Hip Rotations (Each Way)

  • 10 Forward/Back Leg Swings

  • 10 Side Leg Swings (Each Side)

  • 10 Gate-Openers (Each Side)

  • 5 Ankle Rolls (Both Directions)

Important: Stay within a comfortable range of motion (ROM). This is to warm-up the muscles, tendons, and joints of the body. It helps to bring movement to the bodies various planes of motion. Fitness, and activity, are done at your own risk. Be gentle (still try) with this practice until your more comfortable or have worked out regularly. Any questions, please reach out. Remember, we are where we are at... for now.

Video Instructions:


BAF Movement Sequence:

There we have it. Day 6... in our February Fitness Challenge.

Any questions, message me anytime.

Once you've completed the day... comment below with your findings and progress, I'd love to support you while we challenge ourselves one day at a time. #DayOneAlways mentality with #believeagainfitness effort will create the #healthylifestyle consistency we need. Social media hashtag #februaryfitnesschallenge2021 and be sure to have FUN.

We've got this together.

🌹 Take care all and much love.


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